About Us

Sabrow International Limited started business in the area of Electrical Power Protection and Control. Today, we have expanded our services to cover all areas of Industrial & Process Automation, Instrumentation and Industrial Communication. We also offer some Chemo-technical products for production, repair and maintenance.

We do not just sell the Products; we offer After Sales Services and Technical Support. Our Technical Support personnel have several years of experience and have attended several training sessions abroad.

We can source products and materials for various engineering projects. Our advice can be very useful from the planning, execution and commissioning stages. Also, we can upgrade some machines and make them modern. In the past, we have used PLCs and HMIs to refurbish some old machines.

In the area of CHEMO-TECHNICAL SERVICES, we offer products for corrosion control, in terms of spray aerosol and coating materials. Our lubricants and penetrating fluids are world class. They come in different forms and sizes and for specific applications. Our products are handy in the area of maintenance, repair and in production/construction.

Our strength lies on our international contacts which gives us an unbeatable market reach.


Electrical and Automation Systems –  Factory,  Home/Office Automation. Instrumentation, Process Data Acquisition, PLC/SCADA,  RTU/Wireless Telemetry system, Panel Building – including upgrade and rehabilitation of old machine controls, Switchgear Installation & Maintenance, Switchgear Upgrade, LV & MV Switchgear, Control Panels, Feeder pillars & Switchboards, Automatic Power Quality Management and Energy Management Systems.

Process Measurement and Flow Control – Instruments for  Flow, Temperature, Pressure  Measurement and Control. Tank Gauging systems, Filling, discharging and Level Control for Liquid and Gases.   We go a step further to control solid particles and powder.  We offer solutions for Silos.

Motion Control Using Variable Frequency Drives and Servo Drives, effective control of motion on different axis is achieved for different applications, especially in packaging. With our Sensor Partners, sensors are integrated to achieve optimal performance.

Fluid Transfer – We offer Pumps for clean water, sewage, sea water and chemical. Our dosing Pumps can be backed with electronic control system for easy integration into complex automation systems.